Our vision is to “transform our city and the nations with the love and power of God, through people who have understood their identity and purpose.”

Want to be part of the movement?


Join In

Join an Outreach Group. An Outreach Group refers to weekly meetings in homes, where you will have the opportunity to receive and study God’s Word, and become part of a community that will guide and support you as you grow in your walk with God. Outreach Groups are organized by networks, depending on what stage in your life you are in and your needs.



Three times a year we organize a retreat called the Encounter. During this unforgettable weekend, you will have the opportunity to make a connection with your Creator, whom is the fountain of love, peace and purpose; heal emotional wounds; and initiate a new beginning for your life.



We also offer a 9-month formation course called The Academy. During these weekly classes, you will have the opportunity to equip yourself with Biblical principles which every believer should know, and spiritual tools to face life’s challenges and to enable you to live a life full of purpose.



Twice a year we offer another retreat for those who are loyal members and are active in an Outreach Group; have gone to their Encounter and completed their Academy; and are ready to manage what God wants to place under their care, with passion and maturity. During the Launch retreat, we impart the vision of our house to a generation who will transform the world with the love and power of God.

You are a key piece of what God wants to do through our congregation, in order to impact lives, and transform our city and the nations. After these steps, you will be ready to invest your time, gifts, talents and heart in expanding God’s Kingdom.

Depending on the area of service, those in the middle of their formation process and those who have been launched are welcome to serve as volunteers in an area of service or ministry.

If you’re still in your process of formation, but you want to be a part of the movement, you can:

  • Continue to support our mission with your tithes and offerings.
  • Offer your home for Outreach Group meetings.